The Deer of SIU

We follow the movement of deer inhabiting the SIU campus

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Welcome to the Deer of SIU!

We are tracking white-tailed deer around the SIU Carbondale campus to understand their movement and share them with SIU community. The GPS collars allow transmission of locations to servers that visualize animal movement, in almost real-time, allowing researchers and biologists to access an animal’s locations without disturbing or recapturing the animal.



Southern Illinois possesses some of the highest abundance of white-tailed deer within the state, and deer can be easily observed around and within the city of Carbondale, including on Southern Illinois University’s campus. Deer behavior has been studied for a long time, but most studies have focused on deer behavior in rural areas, and much less is known about deer behavior and space-use in urban, suburban, and exurban areas.

We hope to use these GPS data to better understand deer movement and space-use on SIU’s campus and increase awareness within the SIU community regarding natural resources and scientific research. Please see our FAQs page for more detailed information on how we capture and collar the deer and what we do with all the information we collect. Check out our maps of each individual deer to see their whereabouts and favorite hanging spots.


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